Wednesday, October 18, 2006


- I spent a good deal of the day getting copies of the new M.O. 7-inch packed up, and I will take the first big batch to the Post Office tomorrow. Major thanks go out to Megan (and to her silkscreening expert friend, Chris), for the amazing effort in wrapping up the printing of the cover/insert things. Tim G. (thanks!), and I, assisted with the assembly line, but Megan really gets the credit for the great work. I am extremely pleased with how this release came out!

- Tonight, Isidro and I wrapped up what started as a deliberate session for The Fortieth Day, but what might have ended up as the start of some new A Vague Disquiet tracks. We will need to listen to the MiniDisc to think that one through a bit...

- Speaking of AVD, after recording, we drove down to my P.O. box to pick up a very rare package from Pieter Schoolwerth. Weighing in at what seemed like 20 pounds, was a box of the new Wierd Records compilation. We were both at a loss for words when we opened the box. Think "The Elephant Table Album," think "Three Minute Symphony," think the original 2-LP+7-inch version of "Q.E.D.," and you still are not even close. Three LPs, a 7-inch, an amazing 26 page book, and a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring two of Pieter's recent paintings. This release is a monument to the dark electronic cold wave minimal synth music that Pieter has been championing, both at his weekly parties and at his live events - and in his studio and in his car - and those of you willing to investigate something a little more melodic, or rhythmic, or melancholy, or romantic, or just weird/wierd, ought to look into it (ahem, link near top at left).