Wednesday, November 08, 2006

From the zone

- Last night, Isidro and I had a pretty zoned-out The Fortieth Day session. It was just a wall of distorted, echoing, feedbacking bass and guitar. I was still taking in the sad news about Malachi, and pretty much all that I could do was sit down and pick away at the guitar. Afterwards, we went to Atotonilco on 26th Street for some delicious, comforting tacos. I had really wanted to see The Psychic Paramount later last night, but I was in absolutely no mood for being social.

- Tonight, I have a practice with Jason Soliday, to prepare for our show at Elastic on the 21st.

- I have a bunch of eBay and mail-order packages that I am preparing. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the new The Fortieth Day cassette. All of the positive feedback has been really nice to read.