Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, one of those YouTube clips of us playing at No Fun Fest made it onto a list of (mostly "noise") music videos on writer Dennis Cooper's weblog. It makes for a strange pairing with the literary items, not to mention the many (bordering on paedo) gay sex photographs that he often posts there. Interesting company, to be sure...

On a lighter note (ha!), the UPS man just delivered the new Michel Houellebecq book, "The Possibility of an Island." It should be interesting to read while the new Scott Walker CD, "The Drift," plays repeatedly... as it has been, of late.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Friday May 26

Mr. City
1133 W. Fulton Market (at May)
Chicago, IL 60607

Show time: 7:00 PM
Admission: $6.00

All Ages

Dynasty (of Kites, Russian Tsarcasm, Buddyship, Lazy Magnet...)
Sword Heaven

and some version of
Spires that in the Sunset Rise

Coughs tour kick-off + fish fry - B.Y.O.F.

I cannot speculate as to why this is a fish fry. We were on tour in March, driving from Columbus to Cleveland, and Coughs called. They said that they were setting up a fish fry, and that they wanted us to play. I am more of a red meat person, but still, it sounded pretty funny... This is pretty inspired, great line-up, but maybe what really matters here is that Sword Heaven is making a special trip into town to play this show. No disrespect to anyone else on the bill, or for that matter, the other show going on that night with Sunn O))), Boris, and Kevin Drumm, but, fuck... SWORD HEAVEN!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Within approximately two weeks, Totenlicht Mailorder in Zurich, Switzerland, will be stocking a wide range of BloodLust! release. A permanent link to this vast mail-order service can be found at the left.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Coming soon...


autosuggestion - update

I had hoped to have good news, by now, about the move to a new venue - but those plans fell through.

For the time being, autosuggestion is on hold, until I can find a suitable place to host it. At this point, I am only considering "noise-friendly," conveniently located bars and clubs in Wicker Park, Bucktown, Ukranian Village, or thereabouts, with a big PA that the staff is not afraid to turn up. A tall order, I guess.

Between the low turnouts at a lot of recent shows in Chicago, and the less-than-ideal venue situations, scrambling to set-up another temporary location for June seems pointless. There have been a lot of great noise/experimental shows recently with tiny audiences, so why add more to the calendar when the support is not there in the first place?

More news soon...