Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sorry for the gap in posts. I was away for a few days on business.

- Ask and you shall receive.
Now this is animated:

- Tour planning continues.
Everything seems to be falling into place smoothly.
Pieter and Xavier both fly into Chicago on Wednesday August 2nd.
We will immediately begin intensive training/rehearsals.

- The BLOODYMINDED "Phases : One" cassette is pretty much ready to go now. I am still trying to co-ordinate scheduling for mastering sessions for "Phases : Two" - as well as for the M.O. "Smooth Hate" single.

- I will be letting all eBay auctions run out as the tour gets closer, so that I can wrap up shipping, etc., prior to leaving.

- The AA Records compilation LP that included our lathe-cut bootleg is sold out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In case anyone is interested in the first four Intrinsic Action releases - meaning the actual cassettes - these popped up on eBay radar:

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Since the newly designed S8L cover (v.3) does not include them, I thought that I would post the original liner notes, as seen on the first printed covers (v.2), since I just dug them up. Prior to the earlier printed covers, there were photocopied covers included with the original batch of tapes.

Super Eight Loop

After completing a short U.S. tour in support of Whitehouse, Intrinsic Action took a break to regroup and prepare for our last hurrah. A month later, in September of 1993, I decided to lock myself away with a bunch of analog synths to create some simple, primitive power-electronic tracks that recalled the heyday of the early ‘80’s - what got me started in the first place. Working consistently until July of 1994, a body of work built up that first saw the light of day in an ultra-limited edition of ten box sets comprised of S8L 1-10 - for friends only… Recording was finished with a final spree during late March/early April of 1995, and some final mastering was done during September of 1996. Two C-120 tapes (S8L 20 + 39) were shortened to C-60’s, and S8L 26, released briefly as a set of two C-10’s was reworked and mastered as a C-60. The plans for a video (S8L 16) were never realized, and the project was transferred into the last of the fifty S8L cassettes. Super Eight Loop has everything to do with New York City, primarily the filthiest fringes of the now defunct Times Square. While the absence of lyrics/vocals will not offer much in the way of clues, you can start on 43rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, and go from there.

Mark Solotroff
September 1996