Thursday, August 24, 2006

- I put up a small selection of photographs from last night's show on the Flickr page. Thanks to everyone who supported the night... It was a fun show! Luasa Raelon sounded amazing over The Empty Bottle's sound system, as I anticipated.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

--- FYI, a copy of the Intrinsic Action "Groupies" 7-inch is up on eBay:

From Flavorpill, regarding tomorrow's show with Luasa Raelon, Panicsville, Is, Climax Denial, and N.C.

"When it comes time to pick the soundtrack for the apocalypse, these six experimental (read: noise) acts will receive special consideration. Fractured, twisted audio pain is the constant for the night; earplugs should not be considered optional. (QH)"

Available via e-mail, or at:

- More stuff on eBay, with more to come...

- Xavier added some new and old photographs and ephemera to his Flickr page. There are a few duplicates from the tour, but those are my fault as I posted some of his snapshots:

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pre-Order Announcement:

BloodLust is pleased to announce a new 7-inch single from M.O. (Pierpaolo Zoppo, formerly known as Mauthausen Orchestra)

B!065 M.O. "Smooth Hate" b/w "Incomparable Victims"

Edition of 100 numbered 45 RPM singles, pressed in red vinyl, with heavyweight silk-screened cover-inserts, and housed in thick Mylar (poly) sleeves.

These are newly recorded tracks, created by Pierpaolo Zoppo in 2006, exclusively for BloodLust!

Anticipated release/shipping date: October 16, 2006.

Paid pre-orders are now being accepted: $12.00 USA/$15.00 World @ postpaid.

How to order:

- Please e-mail first, to reserve a copy.

- Upon receiving confirmation, please make PayPal payments to

- Please do not make a payment before obtaining confirmation.

- There is a limited quantity of singles obtainable through this announcement, available on a first come, first served basis.

New stuff is up on eBay. Lots more black metal this time. More to come throughout the week... Link also at left.