Friday, September 15, 2006

Ebay, etc.

Not too much to report, but there is a bunch of new stuff up on eBay, including some rarities. Thanks to everyone who is bidding and buying!

All pending mail-order packages have been sent out.

I am off to see Serena-Maneesh tonight... a little dose of shoegazerish pop-psychedelic...

More news soon, including details on October shows.

Background sound: Silverblood "Imperfection" - earlier - Dead Meadow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, A Beautiful Machine...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Deathpile - No Fun Fest video

Here is a link to a great YouTube video of Deathpile playing at No Fun Fest this year:

Intrinsic Action - Zines

While unpacking some boxes, I found a lot of old fanzines and magazines. There are two titles - Chemical Castration and U-Bahn - which have interviews with, or articles on, Intrinsic Action. I have multiple copies of each, so I have listed them both on eBay.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sep 11 show at Nihilist

Earlier today, I posted this quick write-up about last night's show at Nihilist, on iheartnoise:

This was a really great show! Interesting first time for Glass Bath. Once it built up to a heavy point, it sounded nice and tough. Locrian totally satisfied me, once again. Heavier than drone... shoegazerish guitar parts... more intense (and animated) vocals... excellent! Mouthus played a heavy, ugly, and ultra-primal set... Pretty psychedelic, in a bad trip kind of way, and it was a really nice follow-up to last week's Prurient/Air Conditioning/FFH show, minus the black metal aspects, etc. The Coughs played a totally raging set, with crowd surfing, and all... Nihilist is back with a vengeance!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I added a batch of new items to eBay today (link at left). I hope to dig through some boxes and get some old fanzines and magazines up ASAP.

Wilt show

Last night's show with Wilt was a lot of fun. I played some basic analog synth (Roland MC-202, through a few delay pedals) to compliment James' dark electronics. The crowd at Spot 6 (a mix of goth-industrial and "post-raver") seemed pretty receptive, even though Wilt's two label-mates on Ad Noiseam - Lapsed and Larvae - were heavily beat oriented. Larvae would definitely appeal to mid- to late-era Scorn fans, and they had really clever videos going the entire time - always a plus, even for a group made up of two guys who moved around a lot, despite that they were primarily using a laptop and a large iMac. The new Wilt CD on Annihilvs, "The Damnation Helix," is some dark and heavy stuff. It would make for excellent, creepy late night listening. Thanks to James, for asking me to join in last night.