Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Fortieth Day "II"

- As the initial orders for the first release by The Fortieth Day are being packed up and sent out, work is already underway on the second cassette. The basic tracks have all been laid down and assembled, and a rough mix is ready for evaluation. There is more of a rhythmic element in these recordings, and the basic sound has some distinctly different aspects compared to "I," while still sounding like it was done by the same two people.

- I have listened to the M.O. vinyl several times today and I think that it sounds as good as it looks. Work continues tomorrow on the packaging...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

M.O. / Mail Order/eBay

- Shortly before heading out to the Post Office earlier, to do a major mail-order/eBay mail run, UPS arrived with the new M.O. records, which look great! The covers are underway, so everything should move along, as planned. Also, the next "private" series 7-inch, from Bereft, is on its way to the pressing plant...

Afternoon/evening listening binge: Blue Oyster Cult

Phases : One is just about gone...

- After packing up a batch of paid pre-orders today, it looks like the last remaining copy of the BLOODYMINDED "Phases : One" cassette is the Buy It Now copy up on eBay.

- Plans are underway for the "Phases : Two" release on BloodLust!, while "Phases : Three" is under discussion for release elsewhere...

Monday, October 09, 2006


- Crazy local action today… During my normal Monday westbound run on Madison, which was earlier today than usual, I saw a large crowd ahead on my left, on a less-populated stretch of the road, near Kostner. I braced myself, thinking there might be some aggro, since there was no school today, but I soon saw that the people were older and that they were watching something across the street. I soon saw a number of police cars parked in front of the Born Losers M.C. storefront clubhouse on the north side of the street. I saw an officer leading a German Shepherd out of the building. I also saw a few dark grey vans --- and standing behind the vans were numerous members of the Chicago Police Department SWAT team, in full-on black, armored gear --- with assault rifles, etc. I can only guess what was going on… I have never had any problems going past the Born Losers, and the same goes for the Hells Lovers M.C., who are a few blocks away from us, at Homan and Lake Street (yeah, yeah… “under the tracks”). It was definitely one of those “right out of a movie” situations…

- Current listening: Wolf Eyes “Human Animal”

Art outings - Mail order

- The rest of the weekend's cultural offerings were far tamer than the Bruno Richard exhibit...

- The Julia Thecla show at the DePaul University Museum had a few very nice canvases (and a good Ivan Albright lithograph), but seeing so many of her pieces at once made me realize how "girly" her stuff is, and how much I dislike most of it.

- The new Redmoon Theater "spectacle" - "Twilight Orchard" - was fun to go to, as it was in Columbus Park, which is even further west than where I live... two miles further! I think that I like the "idea" of what Redmoon does, more than what they actually "do," as their tableaux seem to be increasingly "cutsie." This one really made me long for the much-more morbid and death-tinged Halloween events that they used to do in Logan Square. I can easily see them going on to become a property like
Cirque du Soleil, in the future.


- The Post Office is closed today, and I am busy getting all of the weekend's eBay packages ready, along with all of the pending paid orders for The Fortieth Day cassette, the new Super Eight Loop cassettes, etc. I anticipate making a mail run late tomorrow.


- While sitting at the computer, on and off this weekend, I played some broadcasts from this website that is devoted to Discore/D-Beat type hardcore and crusty punk: