Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our only pic from 10/13

- I cannot really explain the provenance of this photograph, but the Rococo folks alerted me to it and I pulled it off of their MySpace page. "Thanks" to whoever actually shot it. It is the only picture of us that I have seen from last week's (10/13) show:

The Fortieth Day "I" Sold Out


B!067 The Fortieth Day "I" cassette

B!070 The Fortieth Day "II" cassette will be released in early November

Friday, October 20, 2006

M.O. Sold Out


B!065 M.O. "Smooth Hate" / "Incomparable Victims" 7-inch

"Thank you" to everyone who ordered a copy!

All paid pre-orders will be in the mail by tomorrow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New SRS release...

- Here is some great news from Kyle at Diophantine Discs:

Diophantine Discs is pleased to announce the release of...
Sshe Retina Stimulants - "Heaven 39" 2xLP

Thirty-nine tracks of experimental industrial noise, carefully constructed from feedback, drones, and other electrical disturbances. Though recorded in 1997 following the Heaven's Gate mass-suicide, it has been delayed due to a variety of reasons. We are pleased to present this stormy and unsettling hour-long work as a three-sided LP, limited to 139 copies and wrapped in a purple sheet with large insert.

Sshe Retina Stimulants, the project of P.NG5361.B (Paolo Bandera of Sigillum S) has been active since 1994, releasing many experimental noise albums on labels such as BloodLust!, Old Europa Cafe, Self Abuse, G.R.O.S.S., Ant-Zen, Slaughter, etc. In addition, he has collaborated with numerous artists including Aube, Mark Solotroff, Bad Sector, and I Burn.

Price: $16 + shipping ($6 North America, $12 World)
For other payment options, please email us at the same address.

Labels and distributors: Please inquire regarding wholesale rates. A limited number of trades are also available.

For more information, please visit our website:
...or check out the release details on

BLOODYMINDED returns to Collective Voice

From Collective Voice

October 19, 2006

Music this week from Non, The Decades, Ryoji ikeda + Carsten Nicolai, Andy Ortmann, No-Neck Blues Band, Decayes, Burns, Norm + Singers, Christina Carter, Bomis Prendin, Excepter, Bloodyminded, COUM Transmissions, Loscil, Crawling Chaos, Keiji Haino + Tatsuya Yoshida, Wolf Eyes, Axolotl, and others.

Set to air:

Tonight, 11:59 PM (St. John's NL, NST) on CHMR-FM 93.5 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Friday, 2:00 AM (Halifax NS, AST) on CKDU-FM 88.1 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Friday, 10:00 PM (Antigonish NS, AST) on CFXU-FM 92.5 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Friday, 11:59 PM (Sackville NB, AST) on CHMA-FM 106.9 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Saturday, 2:00 AM (Fredericton NB, AST) on CHSR-FM 97.9 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Saturday 5:00 AM/Thursday, 3:00 AM (Thunder Bay ON, EST) on CILU-FM 102.7 - Live streaming media feeds here.

Monday, 9:00 PM (Drifltess WI, CST) on Radio Driftless - Live streaming media feeds here

Tuesday, 11:00 PM (Burnaby BC, PST) on CJSF-FM 90.1 - Live streaming media feeds here.

The Collective Voice Podcast in downloadable .mp3 format will be posted to this website on Saturday, October 21, 2006.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


- I mailed the first batch of the new M.O. 7-inch singles today. I am trying to prepare packages in a reasonably chronological fashion, based upon when the orders were placed.

- There are a few people out there who pre-ordered the single but who never paid for it. I will try to send out e-mail reminders ASAP, but if you read this and this might be the case with your order, please get in touch. It looks like there are people who are willing to pay for these copies if the pre-orders fall through the cracks.

- I will get as many packages as I can in the mail tomorrow. This will include mail-order and some eBay auctions.

Recent listening: Cadaver In Drag + Josh Lay (solo and collabs.) - various cassettes --- Trouble "Psalm 9" and "The Skull" CD/DVD re-issues --- and I am still trying to let the new Jucifer CD sink in a bit more...

Manhattan Power Surge

There is a copy of the long out-of-print Intrinsic Action "Manhattan Power Surge" 7-inch up on eBay right now. Please note that this is not my auction.


- I spent a good deal of the day getting copies of the new M.O. 7-inch packed up, and I will take the first big batch to the Post Office tomorrow. Major thanks go out to Megan (and to her silkscreening expert friend, Chris), for the amazing effort in wrapping up the printing of the cover/insert things. Tim G. (thanks!), and I, assisted with the assembly line, but Megan really gets the credit for the great work. I am extremely pleased with how this release came out!

- Tonight, Isidro and I wrapped up what started as a deliberate session for The Fortieth Day, but what might have ended up as the start of some new A Vague Disquiet tracks. We will need to listen to the MiniDisc to think that one through a bit...

- Speaking of AVD, after recording, we drove down to my P.O. box to pick up a very rare package from Pieter Schoolwerth. Weighing in at what seemed like 20 pounds, was a box of the new Wierd Records compilation. We were both at a loss for words when we opened the box. Think "The Elephant Table Album," think "Three Minute Symphony," think the original 2-LP+7-inch version of "Q.E.D.," and you still are not even close. Three LPs, a 7-inch, an amazing 26 page book, and a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring two of Pieter's recent paintings. This release is a monument to the dark electronic cold wave minimal synth music that Pieter has been championing, both at his weekly parties and at his live events - and in his studio and in his car - and those of you willing to investigate something a little more melodic, or rhythmic, or melancholy, or romantic, or just weird/wierd, ought to look into it (ahem, link near top at left).

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Fortieth Day on the air

- I have been getting more great feedback on the first release by The Fortieth Day and now I am pleased to make an initial announcement that we will likely be playing our first show in late-November, live on the radio. I will post more details ASAP.

Sunday re-cap

- I went to see EaVil, Chromatics, and Glass Candy last night at the Empty Bottle. The show was excellent. I was really amazed by how EaVil has progressed since their autosuggestion show at Enemy, earlier this year. They sounded great, they seemed relaxed and confident on stage, and their new songs are really strong. It is worth noting that their long intro was heading into the early-industrial-bodering-on-noise realm and it was great! Chromatics had a different line-up/set-up compared to their previous, recent show here and they were back to sounding a bit less cocaine-disco (Charlie Draheim's great term!) and a bit more dark post-punk. They played a very satisfying mixture of old and new songs. Glass Candy was splendid, as always. Ida No saved most of her blood-curdling screams until later in their set, which made them all the more jarring when they arrived. The crowd was pretty amazing. It was very young mixed with rather old. A lot of people were interestingly/well-dressed. Girls were dancing intimately with girls, and boys were doing the same with other boys... There was a lot of energy for a Sunday night, even if the crowd was not gigantic. It was fun to run into so many people there, too.

- Today's office ambience: Chromatics and Glass Candy tour demo CD-Rs, Jucifer "If Thine Enemy Hunger"

- Wrapping up M.O. 7-inch stuff tonight...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Show Report

13 October 2006
Mr. City

Hive Mind/Cleanse
Cadaver In Drag
Moth Drakula
Charlie Draheim
Noise Nomads

Nicole Chambers - Synth + Live Mix
Rob Kerr - Synth
Ed Knigge - Synth + Vocals
Chris Mack - Synth
Mark Solotroff
- Vocals + Synth

03. AS IF

Tired. That was a long two days. Excellent, but long. The “Choke Out The Sun” tour guys rolled into Chicago mid-afternoon on Friday, and after relaxing a bit out in Garfield Park, we headed into Wicker Park to goof off a bit, shop, have a bite to eat, etc. We arrived at Mr. City with plenty of time to set up, and we found that Jeff from Noise Nomads was already in town, and all set up for his performance. With so much going on in the city on Friday, I was pleased with the number of people that started to arrive… and not just from Chicago, either.

Noise Nomads got things started at the far end of the Mr. City space with a heavy microphone feedback set, in a style that might please fans of early 2000’s Prurient.

I could not have been happier with how things turned out with the show. Thanks to everyone at Mr. City, especially Jeremy, Carrie, and Seth, for their enthusiastic hospitality and for their help throughout the night. Thanks to Marlene, for videotaping. Thanks to all of our friends, especially the out-of-towners, for the great support. Thanks to the Choke Out The Sun crew for all of the LPs, CDs, and cassettes, which they loaded me down with. I have only listened to the tour compilation/collaboration CD, which is excellent, and folks who neglected to get one during the tour should definitely track one down.

After the show, we opted not to go to a bar, and we ended up at Pozoleria San Juan on Pulaski Road, where we hung out and relaxed for quite a while. My throat was very happy to get some soup. After more conversation back at home, everyone settled in for a bit of sleep, before another action-packed day. Saturday morning started with a seemingly endless round of espressos, and then we headed to Columbia College to see the Bruno Richard/Marc Fischer show, which everyone seemed to really enjoy. Somehow, in an adjacent studio to the gallery, Jason from C.I.D., and I, ended up learning how to make paper from a grad student working at a Parent’s Weekend event. She did not seem to be put off by our rough “day after” states, and so we each made a nice small piece of cotton fiber paper, which we got to leave the gallery with. Fun. The van then headed down to Little Village, for a tour of the discount mall on 26th street, in search of Santa Muerte figurines and paraphernalia. After a successful search and with an overload of everything that the massive mall’s endless stalls have to offer, we settled across the street at Los Dos Laredos, for more tasty Mexican food. Our last trek took us north on Lake Shore Drive (I see a song coming… oh, wait…) up to Belmont, for a quick trip to Metal Haven. Those two new Trouble re-issues with bonus DVDs were impossible to pass up. On the way back, we swung by Mr. City, to load up the van, and we got to catch the tail end of a Coughs rehearsal, as a bonus. There was little time to spare for a tearful goodbye, as the troops headed off to Kalamazoo…

Photos from Friday

My photo's from Friday night's show are up on the Flickr site now:

I will write something for the weblog later, but I thought that this night completely ruled! So did the next day...

Terence Hannum's "Evocation" video screening was also really cool, last night, at 40000.

Off to see EaVil, Chromatics, and Glass Candy, tonight!