Thursday, November 16, 2006

PHASES : TWO continued

- Holy crap! Consider "PHASES : TWO" to be mastered. Jason Soliday was gracious enough to assist me with a digital transfer last night, after our practice session, and I have listened to the results four times today... This is unhealthy sounding material... In a different way than "PHASES : ONE" might have been... Voices, screams, audience members, synthesizers, feedback, rumbling, "rushing" sounds, screeching, etc., all vying for the listener's attention. More details as they unfold...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The material for the BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : TWO" release is mixed, and it will be mastered this week. The source material is live versions of songs from the "Magnetism" CD, recorded during our August tour. Similar to the "PHASES :ONE" cassette, the "PHASES : TWO" material underwent the Intrinsic Action SCTL (Source Control) process, although fragments of the raw recordings rise to the surface throughout the two 30-minute pieces. More details regarding release format, etc., will be posted soon.

Jason Soliday and I have another practice tonight, in preparation for our November 21st show, which should also help me sort out a few details for my solo performance this Friday at Columbia College.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Malachi Ritscher's memorial

It was pretty amazing to walk into Malachi Ritscher's memorial last night. Elastic was packed, with faces both familiar and unfamiliar. Some excellent words were said about Malachi, including some very touching sentiments from his sister, along with a kind of bizarre eulogy, of sorts, from Peter Brotzmann, prior to his playing an intense soprano (?) saxophone piece in Malachi's memory. Here is a picture of Malachi from 1990 - taken from his website - from the period of time when we lived right by each other:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vampir - TV Party

I went to the Gene Siskel Film Center yesterday to see the interesting Pere
Portabella film, Cuadecuc-Vampir. The images were really beautiful and the soundtrack was pretty strange, reminding me, at times, of Mick Jagger's soundtrack for Kenneth Anger's film, Invocation Of My Demon Brother. The IMDB entry for the film is weak, so this is from the latest Chicago Reader, written by Jonathan Rosenbaum: "My favorite Portabella film, screening this week, is Cuadecuc-Vampir (1970), a black-and-white silent about the shooting of a Dracula film with Christopher Lee (Count Dracula by celebrated hack Jesus Franco) that becomes much more than a documentary. It glides effortlessly between telling parts of the Dracula story (with Dracula as an implicit stand-in for General Francisco Franco) set in a dank period location to providing a personal and ironic commentary on Count Dracula's production by focusing on stray details: a fan blowing confetti [actually more like cobwebs] over a corpse, a ghoulishly made-up actress making a face at someone between takes, a bag of unspecified something crawling across a floor. Meanwhile, periodic sounds of jet planes, drills, operatic arias, syrupy Muzak, and sinister electronic droning ingeniously locate Dracula and our perceptions of him in the contemporary world, until the end, in the film's only use of sync sound, when Lee reads a climactic passage from Bram Stoker's novel. Recalling without imitating such classics as Nosferatu and Vampyr, the film uses high-contrast cinematography to evoke the dissolution and decay that strikes viewers who see those films today in fading prints. It all adds up to a kind of poetic alchemy in which Portabella converts one of the world's worst horror films into one of the most beautiful movies ever made about anything. (It's characteristic of his artistic integrity that he refused to allow Cuadecuc-Vampir to be used as an extra on a Count Dracula DVD.)"

Afterwards, I went to the opening of TV Party, at Fifty50 Gallery, which included a really beautiful video/installation by Shawn Reed from Raccoo-oo-oon. It was nice to be able to hang out a bit and talk with Shawn, as well as Daren, who also came in from Iowa City. The video/installation by Andy Roche (also from Iowa) was quite interesting, too. The show is up until December 2nd, and I would definitely recommend it. No Black Flag, but there was plenty of beer at the opening...