Friday, November 24, 2006

Wolf Eyes

- Isidro and I just had a run through for our The Fortieth Day live set on Sunday. We pretty much have things worked out, and we will have an opportunity to do a practice with Paolo, prior to the actual broadcast.

- I had a great time at The Wolf Eyes, Raven Strain, Sick Llama, and Sixes show at the Empty Bottle on Wednesday. Ryan's live sound work kicked things up a notch or two, even over the Empty Bottle's PA. It was a hell on the ears. It was really fun to hang out with everyone who was there...

- I did a big mail run on Wednesday, and I sent off a number of eBay packages, as well as mail-order packages, including most of the paid Bereft 7-inch orders.

Soliday + Solotroff

Jason Soliday + Mark Solotroff
Tuesday November 21, 2006
Chicago, IL

This was kind of a rough night... There was very low audience turnout, the venue had a new PA with a few set-up glitches, and the overall feel of the show seemed like a dress rehearsal, or something else that was less than 100% ready. Something about Jason's and my set seemed missing, when compared to our show at Enemy in June, or even based upon our recent practice sessions. The sound seemed to lack a bit of the "punch" that we were used to, and certain elements went missing from the mix. That said, the recording of our 18-minute set was very satisfying to hear, and divorced from the not toally satisfying live experience, the MiniDisc holds great promise. Thanks to Blake, for setting up the show; thanks to Elastic, for hosting; and thanks to our friends who supported the night.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bereft "Tough Man: 7-inch

BloodLust! New Release - Out Now:

Artist: Bereft

Title: "Tough Man" b/w "Religious Leaders"

Format: White Vinyl 7-inch

Catalog Number: BloodLust! 066

Genre: Power-Electronics / Industrial Noise / Death-Industrial

Bereft is Peter Lee from Force Of Nature Productions (Rhode Island). For this solo project, which has had very limited releases on Truculent Recordings and on Antihumanism Records, Lee crafts a mixture of old-school industrial and power-electronics, with intense vocals - tempered by dark, death-industrial-influenced, ambient soundscapes.

- 7-Inch
- 33 RPM
- Pressed in an edition of 300 copies
- White vinyl
- White labels with minimal black text
- Poly-lined inner sleeve
- Unmarked white cardboard sleeve (sealed on three sides)
- Black and white insert

Price: $7.00 USA/$10.00 World @ postpaid

Monday, November 20, 2006

Soliday + Solotroff v2

Here is Blake Edward's information for tomorrow night's show:

Tuesday, November 21
@ Elastic Arts Foundation (2830 N. Milwaukee)

8 PM (please note the earlier start time)
$5 suggested donation

--Burrow, a duo uniting Is and Vertonen, will expand upon the obliteration segues we've been doing between our sets

--Mark Solotroff and Jason Soliday, who delivered a solid performance earlier this year at Enemy, will regroup for this event and almost unequivocally send shards of aural glass just about everywhere

--Church Of Light and Sound, the one-man sine tone and earwrecker from Naperville, will bring his brand of electronic chaos back to Chicago as well

Columbia College show

Mark Solotroff
Friday November 17, 2006
"Working Frameworks"
Conaway Center at Columbia College
Chicago, IL

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Friday night. It was really cool to see so many out-of-town people there, including Shawn, Daren, and Andy from Racoo-oo-oon, Sword Heaven, Lambsbread, Shane from Milwaukee, and Alex from Void Books. Thanks to all local friends for making down before the after-party... Pete, Jeffrey, Nicole Rococo, Nicole N.C., Coughs folks, Hector, Blake, and of course, Marlene, for videotaping. I appreciate everyone who stuck around for my quick seven-minute microphone set, in light of the long, unorganized program of performance art. Thanks to Mark and Aaron from Sword Heaven, for asking me to join in on the event, in the first place. It was also nice to meet so many other great Columbus, Ohio people. I am looking forward to getting back there as soon as I can.

The late show at Mr. City was excellent! Binges started off the night with a great set that kept the audience right up against the band the entire time. Mayor Daley continues to hone their sound and develop into an increasingly unique and prominent unit each time that I see them. Lambsbread kicked out a really dark, intense, sub-10-minute set of nasty guitar filth. It was really nice to have them back here so quickly. Sword Heaven managed to leave the lumber-supported ceiling intact, but they still tore down the house with yet another brutal, primitive, beat-driven set of total fury. Mark on guitar added a bit more of a "Filth"-era Swans element to the sound, but aside from feeling like they were demons summoned from the early-industrial era, Sword Heaven is in no danger of sounding like anyone else. They just are --- and they just destroy. Amazing!