Saturday, December 30, 2006

BLOODYMINDED Magnetism in Top Ten

Kyle Wright from Diophantine Discs just posted his year-end Top Ten list on his website. I was very happy to see that he included “Magnetism” in the list!

BLOODYMINDED - Magnetism // CD // BloodLust!
From the outset it sounds like someone dropped a mic into hell and hit "record." Reading the track titles inside the stunning digipak makes that assessment seem not entirely far-fetched. This incredibly intense and noisy album takes a remarkably different, though not altogether unexpected, departure from earlier Bloodyminded material. The vocals (if there really are any) are completely obscured, being replaced by a wide array of processed screams. The sound is incredibly dense but not muddied: all of the synths, feedback, and other sounds maintain an amazing level of clarity in the mix together with the bestial screams. What results is an incredibly personal, direct, and tormented recording. There are so many different things happening at once, producing such a variety of noisy sounds (from drones to feedback), "Magnetism" is entirely engaging and an exciting listen. With so much lack-luster noise and power electronics out there, this is a true gem. Certainly one of the most intense, emotionally draining, and powerful albums -- ever.

The complete list:

You can check out Kyle’s latest label release, Delphium “Heart Full Of Soul”/The Infant Cycle & Ramunas Yaras “Translation” double-3"cdr limited to 100 copies, here:

January 12 - Mark Solotroff with Haptic

Here is information on another upcoming show, which has been in the works for a while:

HAPTIC (steven hess, joseph mills, adam sonderberg) + MARK SOLOTROFF (BLOODYMINDED)


HAPTIC (steven hess, joseph mills, adam sonderberg) + DAVID DANIELL (rhys chatham band / san agustin)



friday, 12 january 2007 | 9PM sharp | heaven gallery + enemy - 1550 n. milwaukee ave. 2nd / 3rd floors, chicago | $7

chicago-based trio, haptic, will perform on two floors with two different collaborators allowing for a bit of overlap as we attempt three continuous sets of music. david daniell starts things off with a solo set.

this concert also functions as a double record release show for the HAPTIC / MOUTHS split 12" on entr'acte; and the second full-length solo album by DAVID DANIELL, coastal on xeric / table of the elements.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ortmann/Solotroff guitar duo

A show was just arranged for next week. It will include the second appearance of Andy Ortmann and I doing a guitar duo thing...

Thursday January 4, 2007
2255 S. Michigan Avenue, 4E
(enter on 23rd Street)
Chicago, IL 60601
Time: 9:30 PM
Admission: $5.00
The New Madrid

Plastic Crimewave Sound
Bird Show
(Ben Vida of Town & Country)
Ortmann/Solotroff (guitar duo)

"Phases : Two" quickie

Here is a quick look at the front cover artwork for "Phases : Two"
No big surprises, huh?

My secret fear of being alone...

Thursday, December 28, 2006


- I did another post office run last night, before heading over to the show at The Empty Bottle, so I am up-to-date on mail-orders and eBay packages, barring select mail-orders awaiting yet-to-be released items.

- And speaking of... BLOODYMINDED "Phases : Two" is at the plant and should be back next week. The Slogun "Hunting Humans" CD is also at the plant. That release has had a bit of a delay, due to the Slogun Japan tour, as well as the holidays. I will keep everyone posted on the status of the adjusted release dates. Thank you for your patience... December was pretty ambitious, huh?

- The Charlie Draheim "Choose To Lose" single continues to sell well, and with the holidays, distro orders have barely even started yet, so things look really good. The Fortieth Day "III" cassette and the Envenomist "Hidden" cassette are both nearly sold out. Thanks to everyone who has supported these releases!