Monday, February 19, 2007

Last night at Enemy

I saw a cool show at Enemy last night... three bands with shared sensibilities, all playing back-to-back with brief overlaps/transitions (that could have even been pushed further, in my opinion) --- Bastard Swords (Jason Soliday, Lisa Slodki, and Geoff Guy) did the heavy bass, guitar, and synth drone thing... two songs... the first with beautiful, mournful vocals by Lisa that really balanced the brutal, ugly sound with a more ethereal, pretty aspect. The second song was far more pummeling, but maybe a bit less unique. Locrian was up next, further proving that they can play frequent shows without risking sounding too "samey" each time. Droning: sure. Heavy: You bet. Check out the current Time Out Chicago for a very favorable review of Terence's piece at the MCA. Goldblood (Steve Krakow [Plastic Crimewave], Amy Cargill, and Ehsan, from Nihilist) finished things off with what looked worringly like "old timey" instruments, but which quickly built into a pleasingly psychedelic drone. Fun show. Cool concept. All made even better by Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Rose.