Saturday, March 24, 2007


The Climax Denial test pressings arrived this week and the record sounds great. The test was approved yesterday and the vinyl should arrive in about a week, or so. Basically, on schedule.

Isidro and I recorded today, and while it was meant to be material for The Fortieth Day, there was certainly a strong A Vague Disquiet element to what we did. This whole thing has been a bit bi-polar from the start - not that you would get that from the final results - but it is pretty exciting and challenging to figure out, nonetheless.

We also reviewed the lyrics for the BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" CD, which are really coming along nicely. Six songs are basically written now, and that might do it for the songs that have "straightforward" lyrics.

Isidro had scored some free tickets to see Jesu on Thursday, so we went to the show at Metro. While I have not exactly been in love with this band, the music made much more sense to me in a live setting, where it was bigger sounding... loud, thick, and distorted - and it enveloped you and crushed you more so than listening to any of their CDs at home has done to me, thus far.

Our April tour itinerary has been updated here, along with a growing electronic trail of bad behavior...However, that message board will be cloding in about a week, so please check the new itinerary here.