Thursday, April 05, 2007

Friday Update


Friday April 6, 2007
6:00 PM


Columbia College
Hokin Annex
623 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL


Detroit native, Ex-Wolf Eyes member, recorder of Nepalese short wave radio signals, and current operator of revered noise imprint Hanson Records, Aaron Dilloway will perform his intense and animated set. Using tape machines and contact mics Dilloway focuses on the clicks, whirs, hums, and other mechanical sounds to focus on mood and atomsphere and build a tension that could only culminate in an intense vocal onslaught.


Alone in a near downtown Chicago basement apartment (sometimes in his bedroom closet), Secretly Canadian recording artist Dave Fischoff's mind took a very long trip, delving into the under-explored territory. Taking cues from The Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach to Boards of Canada and Public Enemy, Dave Fischoff has conceived, collected, cut and pasted, orchestrated and created a piece of work that is large and complex yet utterly personal and easily accessible.


A major figure in the US power electronics & noise scene, Mark Solotroff currently runs the label BloodLust! and is a founding member of Bloodyminded. Mark also performs with Jason Soliday and The Fortieth Day. Additionally he is a founding member of Intrinsic Action and the AWB Recording label. Those familiar with Solotroff know of his obsession with microphone sound and for this performance he will be using an array of microphones to pummel, massage, and destroy.

As part of:


Friday & Saturday, April 6-7

A two-day art/design/technology symposium of speakers and workshops that will explore the infectious nature of creativity and how individual disciplines infect, influence, mutate and inspire other visual and creative practices including fine art, graphic design, product design, advertising, fashion, video and music.

Speakers: Friday April 6 will host a range of national and international speakers including a live video feed with Jorge Pardo, Lane Relya, Ulla Maaria Mutanen; presentation with Curator Clare Phillips, UK; architect Doug Garafalo; industrial designer Emiliano Godoy, who merges traditional Mexican craft and sustainability; and fashion designer Giana Pilar Gonzales.

-----> Also, Locrian is doing an afternoon performance at the Conaway Center - 1100 S. Wabash - 12:00-1:00 PM. As part of the symposium, there will be a free lunch served between presentations <-----