Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tour Releases

To Be Released on Monday April 16, 2007:

(Note: Please do not try to order these cassettes, as they are being produced for the tour. Any remaining copies will be announced at the completion of the tour.)


Specially recorded for BLOODYMINDED by Mark Solotroff in March 2007. SCTL phase two. Special thanks to Pierpaolo Zoppo.

Angel Of Decay
“Bleeding on the Flowers”

Side A: “Bleeding on the Flowers”
Side B: “Sick, Insane and Half Dead”

As a follow-up to the “Radio Brain Damage” private series 7-inch (2006, B!055), Angel Of Decay offers an intense new recording titled “Bleeding on the Flowers.” Retaining all of the threatening, nightmarish atmosphere of the single, not to mention the much-admired “Covered In Scars” compact disc (2005, Desolation House/Relapse), this new cassette, specially produced to coincide with Angel Of Decay’s April 2007 appearance at No Future Fest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, reflects a heavier side of this dark, bleak, and raw electronic music project from Philadelphia’s Jonathan Canady, formerly known for his work in groups such as Deathpile and Dead World. The cassette is issued in a very limited, numbered edition of 50 copies, and the cover features a new drawing by Jonathan Canady.