Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Night

A few quick words... Last night's show was fun. There was a really small turnout, partially due to shows going at The Empty Bottle, Subterranean, and The Note. Is kicked things of with a more electronic/synth set that I enjoyed more than several of his heavier noise sets. Jason and I played a shorter, more subtle set (approx. 18-minutes long), that seemed to have some space and breathing room. Enemy was pretty fucking hot and the speakers were overloading and shutting off. At one point, we were just playing through the mighty subwoofer, which actually sounded pretty cool. There was no way that something like last Saturday was going to happen. Vertonen played next, issuing really tasty textures somewhere between his heavier noise sets and his more straightforward synth sets. I think he generated sound from a public service band transmission at one point, because I heard some things that reminded me of very early Intrinsic Action recordings. I am looking forward to playing the new Demons/Vertonen split LP after another espresso, or two. Jason Talbot wrapped things up with a more intimate turntable manipulation session. Thanks to Blake for setting the show up. Good luck to Jason and Blake on their tour. Thanks to all of our friends who came out to support us.

Since the show started on time (or early???) and wrapped up pretty quickly, I managed to grab a slice of pizza and cruise across the street to The Note to see a very fucking brutal set by Extreme Noise Terror. The dual vocals from Phil Vane and Dean Jones were as intense as you could have wanted them to be - truth be told, a major influence on "True Crime"-era BLOODYMINDED and forward... Thanks to Josh from Plague Bringer for the hook-up at the door! I ran into some former Mexico City (etc.) crust/metal guys who are helping Isidro and I out with some contacts down there, and the night ended on a great note...