Friday, May 18, 2007

Sword Heaven Review

From the latest Dusted update
Still Single: Vol. 3, No. 1

Written by Doug Mosurak

Sword Heaven
Piles 7”

Has anyone called Sword Heaven the modern day equivalent of Test Dept. yet? Of course, the scale of things is dropped drastically – no way do these guys get to lead an army in to beat on car bodies and shoot sparks from metal grinders. All the same, these two men from Ohio raise a racket that sounds like a Civil War re-enactment for the noise set, an abattoir of squealing feedback, skull-denting drums and the sort of screaming that will no doubt grow some polyps on these kids’ vocal cords. “Piles” in both parts, particularly side A, mines the sort of brutality you hope you never have to witness in any sort of spontaneous situation, like a multi-car accident or a building burning down. Harsh times calling for more harsh times. All white sleeve, so you don’t get a photo. 300 copies, white vinyl.