Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had a great time on Tuesday. I was really pleased with how the line-up came together, with such an emphasis on guitar. Druids Of Huge stormed through a tight set with a perfect blend of drums, guitar, and electronics/tapes/noise. They delivered the goods, and good. Locrian played the heaviest set that I have heard from them, right out of the gate. Total intensity. We played next, and I found myself watching Lisa's video mix, which caused me to lose track of what I was doing, a bit. I can be distracted when we practice and I watch what she is doing on a 13-inch screen TV, but when it is projected, I get lost in the visuals. It is a pretty nice feeling, though. Cousins Of Reggae had some technical issues like broken strings, etc., and it seemed like their momentum was lost, a bit... but when their sound gelled, it definitely made me want to hear more. Hopefully, I will have another chance, soon. Mouthus was a raging beast. Brian's twin guitar stacks were so fucking loud and ugly that they drowned out the PA, making it difficult to hear his vocals. The guitar sound, especially on the first long song, was completely creepy, like listening to Chrome while having a horrible nightmare. Nate's drums were low in the mix, but I was completely glued to his beats, which totally crossed over from Religious Knives territory, offering more clues to the broader oeuvre of the Mouthus/R.K./White Rock/etc., family tree.

Thanks to Paul and Davis at Elastic, for hosting the show. Thanks to our friends and to everyone else who came out to support... not too bad for a Tuesday night... Burning ears until 5:00 AM...

I forgot my camera, but I managed to take a few lame, very dark cellphone photos:

Druids Of Huge: