Monday, July 02, 2007

Fugue State

The Fortieth Day
"Fugue State"
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL
June 30, 2007

Saturday night's show was a lot of fun. I could tell during sound check that we were going to be pretty massive sounding. Hearing Isidro's bass rumbling over the Empty Bottle's PA system was really cool. I am sorry that I missed the Friday night bands and visuals (particularly, Lisa's "alternate" program with Haptic), but I was dead to the world, having just returned from the trip. Saturday's line-up was quite interesting, and David Daniell's new composition for a 12-piece group was really beautiful. Save for the rather archaic-looking video projector, which konked-out for about half a minute during our set - I guess that it could not handle Lisa's intense visuals! - things went very smoothly, and from the sounds of the MiniDisc recording, we played a nice, slightly more dynamic set, with a solid build-up, some audible "changes," a dense central portion, and a nice semi-melodic synth-based finish. Thanks to Chris and Jeremy of The Number None/Rebis, for asking us to be a part of the program. Thanks to everyone at The Empty Bottle, for making it so easy to play, as always - especially Tony, for the great sound - and Allison, for keeping the Joy Division flowing. Thanks to all of our friends who were there to support.

P.S. Our next confirmed scheduled show is August 21st...