Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Night's Show

I had a great time at The Empty Bottle last night. I was really pleased to see The Electric Set play live, as I have been listening to their CD a lot over the past few months. It was also really nice to see a full-blown Lovely Little Girls show on such a big stage. It was kind of weird to play between two large groups - Nine and eight members, respectively, I believe - with my stripped down (sort of?) gear set-up, and I sort of expected to clear the room --- not that it was a full house, or anything, but it was respectable --- but people stayed to watch/hear me - keeping fairly close up to where I was set up, on the main floor, just in front of the stage.

It was a really enjoyable set to play - one of my favorite solo sets ever. I felt fully enveloped by the sound pumping out of the speakers - I maintained control of the feedback - and I had a really good time while it was happening. The recording came out pretty well - the feedback may sound a bit one-dimensional, as the MiniDisc recorder did not do a great job of picking up the low-end coming out of the subwoofers, but it caught all of the mid-range and most of the more shrieking high-end that cuts in and out. At 18+ minutes, it was probably the longest solo performance that I have done.

Thanks to Bruce and Pete at The Empty Bottle, for inviting me to play a show in their new series. Thanks to Eric, for cranking up the sound. Thanks to Brandon and Gregory, and everyone else in the other bands. Thanks to friends who came out to support! Thanks to Marlene, for simultaneously videotaping and photographing my set.