Saturday, July 14, 2007

Status, Etc.

- I just uploaded a batch of photographs from Mexico City - taken at our second show, at Cafe Soul, on June 23rd - courtesy of Suani Bonilla and Omar Zamudio - and sent to me via Sergio Sanchez. Thanks!!! There are still so many of my own photos to label, but I will get to them soon...

- I have been adding more and more stuff to eBay. Thanks to everyone who has been checking and bidding!

- I saw Sonic Youth play "Daydream Nation" last night... sitting in the play park area of Union Park, outside of the festival boundaries. It was a beautiful, cool night in Chicago, and any misgivings I had about the nostalgic aspect of the show - or the obvious commercial timing with the recent release of the deluxe edition CD - totally evaporated as I listened to them recreate the songs on the album with really nice extended and improvised sections...

- Raccoo-oo-oon are back in Chicago tonight, with their tour partners, Binges, and Druids of Huge. It should be great!

- The previously announced show that I was setting up for Lambsbread and Demons is now NOT happening