Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Night

Blake Edwards posted a very nice write-up about last night's show, at the end of this thread, here. This is what he wrote about The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush:

"The Fortieth Day was up next and I will, at the risk of causing tears, say that this has to be my favorite project Solotroff is involved in. The cassettes don’t do the live performance justice, and that’s not simply because of the visuals Noise Crush brings, but the sheer volume and subtle dynamics just don’t come trough for me on the recordings I’ve heard. The analogy for The Fortieth Day would be if you were witnessing Glenn Branca conduct his guitar army but everyone was playing tuned aircraft engines. I felt like I was at O’Hare runway but there was structure to everything I was hearing. Isidro and Mark, with a bass, guitar, synth, and banks of pedals between them, managed to push so much sound around the room that it was, simply overwhelming. This is only the second time I’ve seen them and I was afraid they wouldn‘t live up to the initial impression I had of them, but the did. Noise Crush’s visuals also were fantastic, definite disorientation live visual mixing with a fantastic gritty seasoning; floodlights? Lunar eclipses? Storms? Hurricane footage? A close up of a vacuum cleaner picking up dryer lint? Sped up? Slowed down? The vagueness of the visuals were stellar."