Tuesday, August 21, 2007


From Gapers Block / Transmission, with thanks to Mt. Sienko!


Xounds! It's Xome!! At Elastic!!! TONIGHT!!!!

08.21.2007 in Concert by Chris S.

Clockwise from left: Xome, TV Pow, IS, The Fortieth Day

Life is full of choices. For example, you could do like I did last night and send off a cover letter for a job you really want, claiming that you have exceptional proofreading skills, and that you "never miss a typo." And then send it out with two glaring typos. And then spend the rest of the night punching yourself in the arm at 15 minutes intervals.

OR, you could do something totally sensible. For example, you could take your bruised arm up to Elastic (2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor - near the six-way at Kimball, Diversey and Milwaukee, upstairs from the chinese restaurant) for their weekly "Triage" series. It's TONIGHT at 8 p.m.! Pay the nice person $5 at the door, bring some beer if you want, and check out four superstar ensembles of electroacoustic, minimalist, and pulsing drone magic.

From California, long-time pedal-jockey XOME keeps things fast n' flashy with his high-tech noise creations. A seldom-seen experience out here in the Midwest, so don't wait for a "next time" that may never come.

Returning after a long hiatus, TV POW return to Chicago to lull you into a false sense of security with their multi-laptop setup; don't mind us, we're just trawling the river for electronic corpses.

The Fortieth Day, featuring Mark and Isidro of Bloodyminded, use their bass/guitar/synth lineup to create TG-styled levels of industrial grain, further blurred into sense-memory with the able assistance of Noise Crush on cyclical video visuals.

Finally, Is continues to hone his craft onstage, fusing Daniel Menche with Organum into a tough, knotty, dense set of ecstatic drone and shrieking noise burrowing.