Thursday, August 23, 2007


With thanks to Mr. Sienko, from Gapers Block/Transmission:

60 Antelopes per Lion is not only a good's the ANIMAL LAW (tonight)
08.23.2007 in Concert by Chris S.

Clockwise from top: Lovely Little Girls, Fat Worm of Error, a tape by Youth of the Beast, and a pic I found while Google Image Searching for "Animal Law"

Tonight at Enemy (1550 N. Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Floor), a humid and rain-besotted Wicker Park jams out to a Bacchanalian orgy of sweaty riffs, purposely shambling costume-rock, one man-guitar-army hallucinations, and the sweet sweet sounds of a little child crying over spilt birthday cake.

Animal Law, a new supergroup featuring members of Cheer-Accident, Gunshop, Gays in the Military, Vertonen, and Bloodyminded, performs their second-ever show tonight. It's a rough amalgam of (early) Swans, Harvey Milk, Khanate...stuff like that. Slow. Plodding. Gruesome sights, the kind you just can't stop staring at.

Fat Worm of Error come all the way from Allston, MA, bringing a dazzling array of googly eyes, unsafe costumes, and fretfully splattery noise-rock. Their CD on Load Records, along with many self-released tapes and CDrs (no doubt with spray paint and googly eyes all over them) will be availble for sale. Support the out-of-town dudes!

Youth of the Beast features a member of Iowa City's Racoo-oo-oon, a one man singing, drumming, and screeching machine.

Also from Chicago, Lovely Little Girls, featuring frontman/visual artist Greg Jacobsen (watch for my feature story on his recently-released Ritualistic School of Errors CD/DVD set next week!), raise a ruckus with a sound like a metallic version of the early (good) era of Public Image Limited, filtered through a Brecht sensitibility, and drizzled with imagery of babies with poopy diapiers, little girls who have dropped their lollipops onto anthills (but continue to lick them anyway), and naughty little anthropomorphic children made to stand in the corner and think about what they've done. If you don't have unsettling dreams after this, you are WAY too jaded.