Friday, September 21, 2007

Cassette Gods Review of BLOODYMINDED "Phases: One"

I just read this nice review in the fourth issue of the online zine, "Cassette Gods":

BLOODYMINDED "Phases: One" (Bloodlust!)

This one popped up at the "Leaderless" exhibition at Printed Matter in New York this past summer and despite the gallery's markup price it had to find a place on my shelf. "Phases: One" was recorded by Mark Solotroff for Bloodyminded's July 2006 tour using the "Source Control" methodology carried over from his previous group Intrinsic Action. Bloodyminded's "Magnetism" CD is used as source material. Past Intrinsic Action releases in this vein had been described as influenced by the soundscape work of Throbbing Gristle as well as SPK, Hunting Lodge, Maurizio Bianchi and Lustmord. "Phases" demonstrates the most abstract side to this: a double sided slab (62 minutes!) sans vocals of rumbling bass and distortion intermittently sliced by hissing feedback. It's a noticeably clean production, a fact highlighted in the textures created by contrasting elements. For those who enjoy long, meditative strolls through chaos.