Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Night's CD Release Show

Thanks to everyone who came out to support. It looked grim, at first, and I think that the early start time worked against us. But by the time that Jason and I played, there was a more respectable turnout at Elastic.

Thanks to Blake, for having us back at a Triage show. Thanks to Vadim, for getting the new double-CD-R set ready for the show. It looks really beautiful. For anyone who is interested in this release (FYI, the first release under my own name in about 10 years), please contact the label. The Whitechapel website will be updated with information about the release, ASAP:

As for the show, after pretty subtle/quiet sets by Nick Butcher and Snake Charm, Jason and I seemed to sort of bulldoze the place. I will let Blake's review, as posted on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound board, describe things:

Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff immediately stepped off the 9 meter diving board and plunged right into the deep end: an initial volley of a mountain exhaling—a gristly, heavy drone—soon swelled into a wall of storm clouds that shook the flesh on your face. These storm clouds, in turn, brought thunderstorms, swarming mid and low end rumbling that shook elastic for all it could take. Still, the gentlemen constantly pushed harder, layering hail and static shocks into a denser and denser suffocation. The organic atmosphere was then sucked into a low bass vortex: 300 helicopters 5 feet over your head ran in elaborate figure 8 patterns—another excellent panning-generated disorientation. The screams of 3,000 very pissed off birds then came shrieking through the bass and a sinister engine began grinding along for a few moments before the high end rained down; microphone feedback and cymbal bowing delivered a cascade of high tones that cut through all the low end and gristle. Radio static discharge and bass feedback began rotting away at the edges of the high end until, with a final bass “whoomp,” the machines were silenced. One of the tightest set I’ve seen by these folks.