Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Release: B!087 Dysthymia "Hopeless"

BloodLust! New Release - Out Now:

Cassette (C-60)
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 087
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Analog Synth / Industrial-Noise

Dark, cold, austere, improvised analogue synthesizer music by this solo project from Kyle Wright [head of the Diophantine Discs label]; With sounds ranging from ambient to more forceful frequencies; Embracing themes relating to "dysthymia" [severe, chronic depression]

Limited to 50 numbered copies
Housed in standard Norelco-style cases
Black and white Xeroxed j-card covers

$7.00 USA/$10.00 World @ postpaid
Wholesale rates are available - Please inquire

Please use for PayPal payments, or make money orders payable to: MARK SOLOTROFF (not BloodLust!)

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