Monday, October 08, 2007

Recap of show #1

Sunday October 7, 2007

Mark Solotroff
Mykel Boyd
Winters In Osaka

Chicago, IL

The first night went extremely well. We had it being a Sunday night - and this weird heatwave that forced the Chicago Marathon to end early (?!?) - working against us, but a great number of people braved the sauna effect at Enemy and came out to support this dual tour kick-off show. The show had a really nice balance between more aggressive and more dark and almost "calming" music, which helped with the pacing of the night. Winters In Osaka played a really strong set - with a very positive change to their line-up, further demonstrating the strength of their punk/grind influenced style of noise. Sadly, Mykel Boyd's praying mantes were not alive long enough to perform last night, but their sounds were there, in great force. My set was of the variety of the slow build-up, increasingly aggressive vocals, systems-collapse, slow fade out... aside from the heat exhaustion, I was really happy with everything. David wrapped up the night with a perfectly delivered Envenomist set, which clearly hypnotized a big part of the audience, as if he knew how to harness the oppressive heat and make it work in his favor. Five more nights of his dark analog style? No complaints from me.

Thanks to all the friends who showed up to support, in such a strong way. Thanks to James and Wes for driving down from Milwaukee. Thanks to Jason, Geoff, and Brent, for hosting. Thanks to Camilla for the amazing dinner!

Best wishes to Mykel and W.I.O., for a great trip to California.

Off to Saint Louis...