Friday, October 12, 2007

Report from Michigan

Just a quick recap of last night...

Thursday October 11
Raven Pit
Ypsilanti, MI

Mark Solotroff
Bad Party
Crosse Humiliation

This was my first trip to the Raven Pit... which is also the Llama Pit, the Draheim Pit, and the PE Paul Pit. Holy shit... what a house!?! After we got into Ann Arbor, dinner was had at a "by the pound" Indian joint. Brilliant, or not???

Crosse Humiliation - which is New Pledgemaster + Cleanse - started the night off in a brutal way. Somehow, I managed to not realize that they played the Intrinsic Action song, "Male Payment." Whoa! Heavy dual vocal power-electronics from Grey and PE Paul - who, it must be noted, stripped down to his undies during their set (but wait, there is more).

Redrot was up next and Ryan delivered the goods - and then some - in a new style. He had electronic gear - no bass - which freed him up to be more of a front man... which was a very welcome change. He belted out a selection of heavily rhythm-driven new pieces that were amazing. Always a treat!

Bad Party. Yep. A gross cross between White Devil and Tamion 12-Inch. Beats, bass guitar, electronics, and spiteful vocals. Some Suicide throb, some stripped down and ugly minimal techno... some noise rock elements (Big Black, maybe?). They definitely brought the crowd to a good (bad) place before I played...

I played a nice 15-minute set with a great range of frequencies, thanks to Grey setting up a nice rig, and thanks to Mike (Bad Party) for letting me use his bass set-up. Good build-up, solid central section... the inevitable collapse... and the feedback loop fade out.

David beat the pulp out of everyone still standing with the heaviest and loudest Envenomist set, yet. In that basement, with those amps, it was a crusher. Very different... less relaxing... not hypnotic in the same way as usual. Hard stuff.

As an added bonus, some girls talked PE Paul into doing a naked New Pledgemaster set. It was his birthday. He did it. Early Broken Flag/Iphar-style power-electronics - naked - in a basement in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Not nice. Not nice at all. But very good!

Hey, I just had brunch with Leo Dilloway. Rad little guy!!!