Monday, November 05, 2007

Review of Whitechapel 2 x CD-R

Vadim just alerted me to this new review written by Travis Henke for Negation is Freedom zine. Aside from an inaccuracy, or two, it is a nice write-up:

Jason Soliday & Mark Solotroff 2x5" cdr

"Here we have a collaboration between Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff. Mark Solotroff, mostly known for his work in Bloodyminded, Intrinsic Action, and the Bloodlust! label. Jason Soliday is somewhat of a mystery to me. I've read his name before, he has releases on Box Media and Bloodlust!, but I'm not familiar with his music. After very little research it appears he runs with the TV Pow crew. First of all, the packaging for this is incredible. And it should be noted that everything I've received from Whitechapel has been extremely top-notch. This double CDR comes in a gatefold sleeve with great artwork from Soliday. On the first cd, there is a 15 minute track. I'm not sure what part either Solotroff or Soliday play on this recording and I'm not familiar with either artists solo material. But this track starts off with some percussive blasts of noise with what appears to be casual conversation over it. Very lofi, sounds as if it was recorded live using an open air mic. There is a base track of hypnotically churning waves of sound, which seem to maintain a pretty consistent tone throughout the entire cd. Sharp squeals of feedback break in and out of the recording, but because of the fidelity of the recording, I can't tell if its actual feedback or metal manipulation. At times it sounds like someone did a field recording of a machinist shop; squealing machinery grinding and cutting away at metal while all the machines drone and hum in the background. On the other cd we have another track that clocks in at 18 minutes. The metallic torture continues, this time with a greater focusing on painful squeals of such high end frequencies that only dogs may be able to hear it. The feedback progresses into throbbing and pulsating rhythms. The cd has a similar feel when Prurient was going through that feedback manipulation stage. It is refreshing to see an artist like Solotroff take a different direction when working on a side project. Wish I could speak for Soliday but I'm not familiar with his work."