Thursday, November 15, 2007


- Last night, I saw a great show at Enemy... lots of "patching"... Abduction, I Love Presets, and LoVid. Excellent sets by all involved. Nice to see Tali and Kyle - and the kids - pass through Chicago again, with their insane analog audio/video table-thing.

- All paid mail-orders have been shipped, as have all eBay auctions/orders. That department is completely up-to-date. eBay listings will resume after I return.

- I am attending to myriad last minute details for next week's trip to the U.K. While I did not accomplish as much, merchandise-wise, as I had hoped, we will have this exclusive release with us at the shows:

"Live In Mexico City"
Professionally duplicated CD-R
Black and white photocopied fold-over sleeve
Poly outer-sleeve
Numbered edition of 100 copies

(Recorded live on June 22, 2007, at Under Kabarett, Mexico City, Mexico. Mastered by Salvatore Dellaria, August 2007, at Eightysevenwest Recording, Chicago, Illinois)