Friday, March 16, 2007

Flickr Update

I am back from Dallas... it was a busy week... I just uploaded a ton of additional photos from last week's show. The slideshow can be viewed here.
I am going to try to merge the two sets when I have a bit more time.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friday's Show - Recap

Friday March 9, 2007

Dead Machines
Failing Lights
Jason Soliday + Mark Solotroff

Chicago, IL

I had a great time at Friday's show. There was a solid turnout, it seemed like a pretty decent amount of money was raised for Nate's brother, at the door and via the raffle, and everyone's sets were really excellent! I heard the best Vertonen synth set yet, no doubt. Failing Lights played in the dark - and played it dark - and grimy and tough. Dead Machines were in the red, visually, not volume-wise - in fact, they played a really beautiful, intimate set. Demons seemed to add a new element of "depth" or "dimension" to their sound since BLOODYMINDED toured with them last August. Their set was really expansive and it was cool to finally see Alivia's videos projected live and large. The recent Demons LP is totally recommended, too.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those that traveled any distance to Chicago for the show. Thanks to Jason and Geoff, for hosting. Thanks to Blake, for organizing. Thanks to all of the Michigan folks, for trekking down here. Thanks to Marlene, for photographing. Thanks to all of our friends, for the great support.

I just uploaded my own photographs to my Flickr page, and I will try to get Marlene's shots up too, after I get back from a work trip this week.

Mail-order and general correspondence will slow down for several days, as I will be in Dallas from Monday to Thursday. I appreciate everyone's patience...

BLOODYMINDED 2004 Archival Photos

Drew from Pleasure Fluids was kind enough to post some photographs that he took at shows in Boston and Providence, which were part of a short East Coast weekend tour that BLOODYMINDED did in 2004.