Friday, August 03, 2007

August Update

The August update has been sent out to the mailing list and it has been added to the BloodLust! catalog weblog.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mail-Order + eBay Status - July 30

I will be in Denver, for business, Tuesday through Thursday of this week, and I will have minimal e-mail access while I am gone. All mail-order and eBay auction items paid for prior to noon today have already been mailed out. Any payments received later today, along with those that arrive over the next few days, will be processed on Friday August 3rd. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Animal Law - Debut - Recap

I had a really fun night and it felt great to finally do this thing live, after months of weekly practices. We have sort of been working on this in a vacuum for the best part of this whole year, not quite knowing how to discuss our sound - beyond repeating the few previously mentioned reference such as (early) Swans, Harvey Milk, The Goslings, My Bloody Valentine, Flipper, Saccharine Trust... Our songs are certainly less based on the quintessential "riff" - and they are probably way more "complicated" than Eyehategod tracks - but there is something shared in the attitude and in some of the toxic vocal delivery. Well, anyhow, I am very curious to hear what people come up with. One friend at the show name-dropped Khanate, and honestly, I had to pull out to my copy of their first CD to even remember what they sounded like - as it had been several years since I had last listened to it. It is not such a stretch...

It was also great to play with a bunch of familiar and friendly faces like Th'Exceptional Child, Jerk, and Druids of Huge. Such a solid night, overall.

Thanks to everyone who came out, supported the new band, bought a copy of our tape, and gave us some feedback. Thanks to Jake, and everyone at The Flowershop, for hosting us. Thanks to Marlene, for videotaping.

Our next show is Thursday August 23rd...

"Manhattan Power Surge" on eBay

There is a copy of the long out-of-print Intrinsic Action "Manhattan Power Surge" red vinyl 7-inch on eBay. This live record features Final Solution members Greg Scott (later in Hydra) and Chris Yustinich. Click here.