Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cleveland in Chicago

A quick recap of last night's show at The Flowershop... Slave Trade (A.K.A. Brett Naucke of Druids of Huge/Catholic Tapes) started off the night with a totally to-the-point, no fucking around, short, sharp burst of the type of electronics that he contributes to Druids of Huge, but in completely distilled form for maximum impact. I am looking forward to listening to the tape that he handed me. Maybe after this Deviated Instinct CD is over. Is was up next, and Bryan utilized a disconnected turntable tone arm and string of effects boxes to create a solid flurry of controlled feedback and electronic noise. I was up next and I progressively modulated several channels of microphone feedback before slowly integrating the lyrics to the Animal Law song, "In Fives," using a different, monotone melody... sung, nevertheless. I was pretty satisfied with the results. Bee Mask pulled a switcheroo and went on next. Chris' main sound source were two small glass jars - and I hope that I remember this correctly - with photosensitive circuits or circuit boards --- and as he used a mechanic's work lamp to alter the light in the otherwise dark room (I think that he also had some tea-lite candles in his suitcase) --- the output, which ran through different effects, was modulated in a really interesting way. The results were pretty outstanding... deep space soundtrack sort of stuff. Head music. Yep. David Russell (ex-Jerk, etc.) and Wyatt Howland (
A.K.A. Skin Graft) finished off the night with a heavier, more kitchen-sink sort of set, pretty much pummeling the audience into submission with electronic and acoustic (smashing cymbals, small metal ball-bells thrown into the audience) sounds. Thanks to David, I have been, with pleasure, following a lot of the recorded output of these sorts of collaborations, including the great trio version that brings Tusco Terror's Nathan Bowers (actually in attendance last night) into the fold - the line-up that I saw in October, in Cleveland. An intense end to a fun night!

Thanks to Mykel Boyd for the rides, thanks to Adam Osaka and Mykel for the great dinner company. Thanks to all the friends who showed up to support the night. Thanks to Henry at The Flowershop, for hosting the show. Thanks to David, for asking me to join in.