Thursday, January 24, 2008

Failed Recordings

I was just going through the MiniDisc recordings from my last two solo shows. The displayed times made it very clear that neither set was fully recorded. Bummer.

The New York performance at Wierd cuts off after about five minutes, slightly before my vocals begin. The recording is actually quite nice, as it includes a segment of the last track that Glenn from Blacklist was spinning... something blissed-out and "ambient"... along with the sound of a hard-working smoke machine... crowd sounds... requests for various BLOODYMINDED and Intrinsic Action songs... and the start of the slow feedback build-up. The total running time is just over 12 minutes.

The Chicago show, from The Flowershop, cuts off just before the 8-minute mark, after only two or three minutes of excellent, fluttering feedback.

I do not know if I got a bad batch of discs, if another recorder is fucked, or what, but the writing is on the wall that I need to look into another way to record shows...