Monday, January 07, 2008

Last Night at Ronny's

Lisa, Isidro, and I, had a really good time at last night's show. The recording of our set came out extremely well, and as usual, I found myself mesmerized by Lisa's video --- and totally spacing out on what I should have been doing. She had some new elements/loops that looked outstanding, projected in large scale. There was a modest turnout, it being a Sunday night, and all, but it seemed to go really well. Thanks to all of our friends, who showed up to support. Thanks to Dave Kozin, for asking us to join in. Thanks to Ronny's and MPShows.

Environmental Sound Collapse played Gameboy-generated, beat-driven electronics which ended on a surprisingly "gangster" note. Sounds Happy + William Sides did a long, soundscape-type piece, also beat-driven, but utilizing a tabletop full of circuit bent items and various gadgets. Their sound also had a surprisingly dark tone for something made with rewired toys, and whatnot. Weirding Module - Michael from Awesome Color - reminded me a bit of Pax Titania... less minimal-synth, though, and more sequenced jams on analog synths and various keyboards. Michael from Bad Party fell ill, so Nate made the trek without him, ultimately not playing a follow-up set to the December 1, 2007, Bad Party show at Cabin Fever - but an unexpected, and thoroughly inappropriate follow-up to the October 30, 2004, White Devil show at Camp Gay. Hooray!

The oddly warm ad late night ended with a half dozen of us pigging out at El Presidente. Thanks to James for the 70% cacao covered peanuts, which are delicious!