Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pelusium Reviewed

Several people have been sending me messages today about this sort of non-review from Vital:

THE FORTIETH DAY - PELUSIUM: 540 AD (Cassette by Cipher Productions )
Industrial sounds I would say - like being in the engine room of the titanic pre iceberg, are in fact the guitar/bass duo of Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff, though this is far from obvious and extremely processed and heavily split across the stereo field it clinks on in washes of noise in search of its iceberg. The Fortieth Day is to do with some orthodox ritual for the dead and Pelusium a city on the Nile delta, and the year 540 AD marks the outbreak of the bubonic plague in that city, and appears as one of the first historical accounts of the famous European outbreak which continued into the last century in parts of the world. Such scary events are only reduced to absurdity when one thinks of a stupid baker burning down London and so relieving the city of its rat vectors and giving Wren the opportunity to create some remarkable churches, and of course forcing Newton home to his apple orchard.. the deaths from the plague generally increased the economics of a faltering Europe and given the impact of Newton's work on subsequent industrialization makes the occult glee I surmise is hinted at here somewhat questionable. (jliat)
Address http://www.iheartnoise.com/cipherproductions/