Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friday Night...

Well, the night went by in a bit of a blur, even as long as it was. Thanks to Ben Billington, for including us in this great bill. Thanks to Marshall, and everyone else at AV-aerie, for the great hospitality. Thanks to so many of our friends who came out to support us! I was really pleased to see such a full room for this inaugural event under Ben's curatorial guidance, especially on a gross, cold, rainy night.

Things seemed to go really smoothly for us. The set felt pretty tight. From the sound of my MiniDisc recording, we had a good mix, overall. My vocals came through really well on the screamed songs, but maybe a tad low on some of the sung parts. I think that I also need to build up my singing voice more, as well as my confidence on those songs. Blake's metal percussion rang out rather nicely, slicing through the mix at key points. I enjoyed watching various audience members' faces... as there were clearly a lot of people who were there to "make the scene" and who were maybe not sure where we fit into the combination of bands.

Our set included:
1. "Above Heaven"
2. "Glisten" (completely new version)
3. "Grain"
4. "Never Alone"

Binges played an excellent set from the main floor, with a semicircle of audience around them. It was great to see Lambsbread back in the saddle... even if it was only for six or seven minutes. Totally intensity. C. Spencer Yeh brought the violin heat, yet again. Anyone see the mention of him in the new Throbbing Gristle book in the 33 1/3 series? Karl/Axolotl created a heavy and hazy dronescape from the stage. Unfortunately, I had to leave during the Skaters set due to a 5:00 AM wake-up call, so I did not get to really soak in what they were doing.

I posted a few photos, taken by Chris Sienko, on my Flickr page...