Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday's Animal Law show

Photo by Mykel Boyd

"Thanks" to everyone who came out to support us, and to celebrate my birthday with me, all on a Sunday night that saw dropping temperatures, rain, and even a bit of snow. I just listened to the recording of our set (approx. 42-minutes) and it came out pretty well. I really enjoyed the night, overall... It kicked off with a rugged set by Plastic Boner Band... Sam, once again, breaking some misconceptions about laptop-generated music... by creating gritty, stop-start sound, at times ferocious and at times calmer. Druids of Huge played a different type of set than they usually do... it was a bit longer, for one thing... and there were "movements," I suppose, which was excellent. It was nice to see them do a few different things, not that I mind when they just dig in, and go for it. Unlucky Atlas played a beautiful, stark, dark set of acoustic songs that added great balance to the night. Having to get up and sing after hearing Erica's voice soar through the room was not exactly ideal for me! "Thanks" also to The Empty Bottle folks... Ryan, for asking us to play (and for lights!); Cooper, for doing great sound; Bruce, for doing great bartending.

We played:
"In Fives"
"Above Heaven"
"Never Alone"