Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Noise +

It was nice to cap off Easter Sunday - which unfortunately celebrates mediocre milk chocolate products - with a good show... Winters in Osaka... tighter than ever... electronics, tapes, vocals, even some sharp beats... Druids of Huge... more urgent than ever, with their most ripping final two minutes! Velnias... cold, doomy black metal... suitable for this never-ending Chicago winter... then Andre and Terence of Locrian join Velnias, and all five musicians transition through a really intense ritualistic "harsh drone" feedback workout... with Locrian then delivering the most dynamic set that I have seen from them... swaying from overloaded amp saturation - to near-calm drone - back to a grand build-up of guitar, keyboard, tapes,and chanted vocals... Nice turnout for a chilly holiday Sunday night.