Saturday, March 08, 2008

Last Night's Law

Just a few, quick words. For me, last night was the first "effortless" Animal Law show. One where I did not have to think about being in Animal Law. I just had to be there. There is a big difference. There was nearly the ease of a BLOODYMINDED show. An un-self conscious time of putting words where I wanted to put them... shifting things around, ever so slightly, as it suited me. At one point, I caught myself thinking, "This is how it should feel." And then it was back to trying to sing. Or screaming to a beat. The MiniDisc recording sounds pretty great. The perch it was on must have been a good one. The mix was probably our best yet, even though we had our doubts about the ailing PA, even in such a small room. Sure, there was an off note, here or there -- an off-kilter collision of beats and strings -- a vocal note not quite met. But it all seemed very comfortable from my spot on the stage - and just now, from my couch. We only played three songs: "Glisten," "In Fives," and "Above Heaven." The last one was an expanded version... longer in and longer out. I did not time it, but I am guessing that it lasted nearly 15 minutes. Thanks go to our good friends who came out and who thought about/talked to us about what we are doing. That is much appreciated!