Monday, March 03, 2008

A Mammal Review

From Siltblog:

Gary Beavuvais sent a copy of the latest Mammal release, this plain white sleeved 7" on white vinyl that he done for the Bloodlust! label. Story goes these two tracks was taken from an aborted Mammal lp entitled 'Death Rider' which also functioned as a soundtrack to a film w/the same name. I dunno, to me, seems a shame that the thing was shitcanned. Mammal's at his friskiest here, layin down some serious gnarled biker rock guitar squalls over layers of programmed percussions. It got me thinkin the film is probably noddin hard into some heavy Anger (as in Kenneth) homage but I guess we'll never know. If your lookin for someone what's come to bury OM & not praise them, Mammal sounds up to the task. And how.