Sunday, March 30, 2008

Old Review of Dilloway 7-inch

Here is a previously unseen (by me) review of the now-sold-out Aaron Dillow private series 7-inch from Delusions of Adequacy / Small Wonders online zine:

Aaron Dilloway - White Hair/Amputation 7"

Bloodlust! (

Aaron Dilloway used to be in Wolf Eyes until 2005 when he departed to make noise on his own and was replaced by Hair Police's Mike Connelly. Since that time he's been busy with his label, Hanson, and releasing a slew of solo material. This 7" is one of the most soul-crushing things he's done in my opinion. It's filled with queasy analog keyboards that sound like a super-distorted version of Goblin's soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead. Absolutely essential.