Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Prurient Catalog Listing Is Not A Review, But...

...This write-up came from the new Aquarius Records update:

PRURIENT "Whip Enthusiasts" (Bloodlust!) 7"
Latest noisy missive from one of our favorite ‘noise’ artists going. Prurient, aka Dom Fernow, has managed to rekindle our waning love of noisemusic, by incorporating all sorts of typically un-noise elements, the least of which is black metal, but also, melody, dynamics, mood, mystery, all without losing any harsh energy, and without resorting to any of the tired hackneyed devices used by noise musicians as far back as there has been noise music.
The sound of Prurient may have begun life as a blast of face peeling white noise, but has blossomed into a dark art, a creepy, sinister, fucked up and black as pitch exploration of negative sonics, and we can’t seem to get enough. Every release seems to stretch the boundaries of noise music into some new shape, challenging and weird enough to appeal to the not strictly noisists, but brutal and intense enough to keep the faithful’s ears bleeding.
This limited 7” offers up two new blasts, both employing a similar sonic approach, but to different effect. The A side is an explosion of beautiful noise, a dense tonal wall of sound, but beneath the caustic hiss, is a hypnotic minor key melody played on what sounds like a marimba, looped and repeated, building tension and creating a truly creepy atmosphere beneath and within the could of blacknoise surrounding it. Wild unhinged vocals howl, bathed in distortion, all in a downpour of hiss, but that strange haunting Carpenter / Goblin style melody repeated below the surface imbues the track with a cinematic menace that only sounds that much better wrapped in prickly noise.
The flipside is another wave of intense crunch and crumble, this time the melody beneath the skree is some sort of tangled guitar melody, but the effect is the same, repeated and looped mantra like, the crushing grinding lurching noise is transformed into something beautiful and beautifully ominous.
White sleeve, white vinyl, white labels, black and white insert. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES.