Thursday, March 06, 2008

Status + More on Locrian

Another day, another Post Office run. All paid orders have been mailed out.

Blastitude (well, Blogstitude) had this to say about the new Locrian single:

Not too long ago, in response to their relatively pastoral track on the split cassette with Daleth, I said that I wanted to hear a
Locrian recording more like their loud and aggressive live sets, and they've gone and done just that with their 7-inch on the Bloodlust! Private Series, two guitar-driven noise/drone attacks, sewn together by weird tech-metal riffing. Just what the doctor ordered. Side two ends in a seamless lock groove that I listened to for probably a little over two minutes, over at the dryer folding the clothes, spacing off, when I suddenly figured it out and snapped to attention and, I shit you not, whispered out loud: "Lock groove!"