Monday, April 21, 2008

Flavorpill Write-up for Friday

From Flavorpill:

MUSIC: Rock/Pop

Aaron Dilloway w/ Magas, Mark Solotroff, Jason Soliday, Club Spouse, and Peaking Lights

Aaron Dilloway

In 2005, former Wolf Eye Aaron Dilloway left the renowned Michigan noise trio to live and record solo in Nepal. Since then, Dilloway's been doing just fine on his own, releasing a handful of promising cassettes and CDs on the mail-order Hanson Records label. But as with his old band, nothing can prepare you for his Converse-quaking live performances. Hulking over a mainframe of tapes and knobs, microphones dangling from his mouth, Dilloway cycles from skittering hypno-drone to Whitehouse-style power-electronics. His moment in glossy music monthlies seems to have passed, but artificial light doesn't really nurture growth anyway.

– Stephen Gossett