Monday, April 14, 2008

Status - 04/14/08

- Mastering was completed for Hydra "Power" CD, by Salvatore Dellaria at Eightysevenwest Recording. Package design to be completed ASAP

- Mastering was completed for The Fortieth Day LP ("Syria: 638 AD") for Diophantine Discs, by Salvatore Dellaria at Eightysevenwest Recording

- Pre-mastering (digital transfers) was completed for Mark Solotroff "SOLOSERIES001" and "SOLOSERIES002" - by Isidro Reyes. This material is drawn from B!000 "Instrumental Demonstration Of Death-Noise" (1995, info here). Bonus track material and mastering is still to be completed

- Climax Denial "You're Never Safe" CD now available for paid pre-order. Discs should be in-stock by the end of the week

- Mark Solotroff performs tomorrow (April 15) at The Empty Bottle