Thursday, May 01, 2008

Locrian in the Wire

Thanks to Terence for forwarding this review from the new Wire magazine:

LOCRIAN "Plague Journal/Apocryphal Cities, Portents Fallen" BLOODLUST! 7"
Debut vinyl by a Chicago duo who spoon through the night mounted upon a guitar or a synth. It's a noisy piece of work, but the sonic textures are closer to rock (maybe born amidst the debris of a party Killing Joke had just left). The first side is a ride through a wind tunnel, the flip is like a more gracefully arcing dive into a pile of inflatable balloons shaped just like Fripp & Eno on the cover of "No Pussyfooting". But they don't pop when you hit them, they just blast you back into space with a bruise to show for your troubles. Go figure.