Monday, May 05, 2008

Status - 05/05/08

- B!90 Slogun "The Glory Of Murder" - the CDs have been shipped and I should have copies shortly

- B!100 BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" - this is still being recorded and we are really trying to fight our deadline, as best as we can...

- B!108 Sigillum S "Terror Auto-Obstetrics" - the test CD arrived on Saturday, so I will give it a few spins to make sure that it is A-OK before approving production

- B!114 The Fortieth Day "IV" - the test CD has been shipped to me. After listening to Isidro's CD transfer a few times, I have to say that this is possibly my favorite of our recordings

Also, I hope to have the rest of the paid orders for the Hydra "Power" CD in the mail today, if possible, otherwise tomorrow, for sure.