Sunday, June 22, 2008

A quick post about last night's show

Last night was really fun and I was bracing myself for a total washout, due to three other noise/improv shows (at Lampo, Elastic, and Hotti Biscotti), Nachtmystium/Minsk/Yakuza at Reggie's, and the Simply Saucer show. It was great to actually see a decent crowd appear, including a few unfamiliar faces. Luckily, Simply Saucer only played around the corner at Subterranean, so some folks came to Enemy first.

I enjoyed all of the touring sets, immensely. It was great to hang out with the Boston guys, again, after having just been out there in March. Such a barrage of intensity, and who knew that Karlheinz was so smooth on his feet!?! And Silvum has reached a totally new level of good in the year since he toured with BLOODYMINDED. It was nice mixing Nick's more thoughtful, deep and dark sounds into the assault of the three hard and heavy guys... kind of how it worked in April 2007.

I would strongly urge folks in the upcoming cities to get to this show.

(More on the show, to follow...)